Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well an excellent start to the new season with three 5pt wins. The opporsition have been of mixed ability but I do believe that on this form and with the confidence that has been snowballing I think we could be a match for anyone in this league. A swift return to Div III could be ours for the taking.

The new skipper is a breath of fresh air with a different slant on things. Last year was a step backwards with Jonesy as captain, a return to the old form.... don't get me wrong Jonsey is an excellent club man and a top chap to boot but he lacks a nasty killer streak, if you ask me, that is needed at time. It might mean I, and everyone else will have to prove our worth rather than just be given our turn. As for Mr Ainscoe there is something about him..... a little devious or calculated master plan in his mind.

Excellent so far...........

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Apr-27 SpringheadHome
May-04 Hunter Cup 1st Rd Elton Vale Home
May-10 Bury Home
May-11 Uppermill Away
May-17 Ashton Ladysmith Away
May-24 Darcy Lever Home
May-25 Walshaw Away
May-31 Uppermill Home
Jun-08 Hunter Cup 2nd Rd Walshaw Home
Jun-14 Elton Vale Away
Jun-21 Rochdalians Home
Jul-05 Springhead Away
Jul-06 Bury Away
Jul-12 Blackley Home
Jul-26 Ashton Ladysmith Home
Aug-03 Darcy Lever Away
Aug-09 Elton Vale Home
Aug-17 Edgworth Away
Aug-24 Walshaw Home
Aug-30 Rochdalians Away
Sep-06 Edgworth Home
Sep-13 Blackley Away

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Once the Cricket season is back upon us i shall be doing a Question and answer sheet for all players. these will go on the website (One a week).

I will place a full fixture list on here as soon as i have a copy of them.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

TSJCC II Relegated

Following Todays rained off fixture between Tsjcc 2nds and Elton III we have been relegated to the NMCL Division 4, ELPM II beat Failsworth Macedonia II yesterday

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend Results:-

Saturday 11th August 2007

Chew Moor Brook win 5 Points


Bat:- Mick Jones 17, Asif Iqbal 14

Bowl:- Jamie Lloyd 3 for 18, Graham Jebb Snr 2 for 12

Fielding Points:- Dan Moriarty 1 point and Abay Singh 1 Point

Sunday 12th August 2007

Thornham win 4 points - Tottington St Johns II 0 Points


Bat: Mick Jones Jones 69*, Phil Yates 11*

Bowl:- Asif Iqbal 1 for 89, Graeme Jebb JNR 1 For 22, Dan Moriarty 1 for 28, Graham Fletcher 1 for 20

Friday, August 10, 2007

Double Header Selection!

Selection for Saturdays Home game against Chew Moor Brook is :-

  1. Mick Jones (Captain & Vice Captain)
  2. Graham Fletcher
  3. Matt Hunt
  4. Asif Iqbal
  5. Graham Jebb SNR
  6. Jamie Lloyd
  7. Dan Moriarty
  8. Phil Yates
  9. Abay Singh
  10. Phil McManus
  11. AN Other

Meet is at Crompton Meadows at 1pm

and the team for Sundays trip to Thornham for the game against Thornham III is:-

  1. Mick Jones (Captain & Wicket Keeper)
  2. Mike Ainscoe (Vice Captain)
  3. Graham Fletcher
  4. Matt Hunt
  5. Asif Iqbal
  6. Graham Jebb Jnr
  7. Graham Jebb Snr
  8. Jamie Lloyd
  9. Dan Moriarty
  10. Phl McManus
  11. Phil Yates

Reserves:- Abay Singh

Meet is at the Robin Hood at 12:30pm

Playing for the 1sts this weekend from the second team are:-

Saturday:- Graham Jebb Jnr, Tom Proudlove,

Sunday:- Dan Moriarty, Graham Jebb Jnr, Andy Smith, Nick Fletcher

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Failsworth Away Scorecard

Another poor performance with the bat from Tottington St Johns II put more preassure on as we seek to avoid relegation to the NMCL Division 4. Defeat here has left us just 2 points above ELPM II who sit bottom of the league.

Failsworth Batted first and scored 111 All Out, in reply Totty where bowled out for 62.


Bat:- Dan Moriarty 20, Mick Jones 11

Bowl:- Jamie Lloyd 5 for 30, Graham Jebb JNR 2 for 18

Fielding Points 1 Point Rob Holt and 1 Point Graham Fletcher


  1. Mick Jones (Captain and Wicket keeper)
  2. Stuart Hunter (Vice Captain)
  3. Graham Fletcher
  4. Phil Yates
  5. Jamie Lloyd
  6. Abi Singh
  7. Phil McManus
  8. Dan Moriarty
  9. Graham Jebb JNR
  10. Graham Jebb SNR
  11. Rob Holt

Result:- Failsworth Macedonia II 5 points - Tottington St Johns II 0 Points